Front End System Engineering
Development of L-band Prime Focus Feed System for Radio Astronomy Applications

In this video, Dr. Yogesh explains very briefly the subject of radio astronomy and further describes the front end system engineering associated with it. The later part of the video shows the block diagram of the developed L-band (1050 MHz - 1620 MHz) front end system for prime focus (f/D=0.4) reflectors used in Radio Astronomy Applications. The video concludes with the description of the real working prototype of the said system.


Introduction to Front End System Engineering : Part 1 of 18

Choke Horn Antenna as a Feed for Reflector : Part 2 of 18

The video shows Electromagnetic simulations of practical Choke Horn as a feed for Prime Focus Reflector. It also explains the basic terms of feed design for reflector antennas like aperture efficiency, cross-polarization, phase center. Further this video demonstrates the measurement of a practical choke horn antenna using a Vector Network Analyzer.