Antenna Design Services
We offer custom antenna design services on Turnkey basis. We use advanced antenna modelling tools to design antennas and prepare fabrication ready files for the customer (STEP, IGES for 3D structures and GDSII, DXF, Gerbers for planar structures). We have massive experience in design and development of various antenna types.

All these antennas are simulated using WIPL-D Pro CAD and production ready files are prepared using Autodesk Fusion 360.

Consult us to choose best antenna for your application or product.

Microwave Passives Design
We offer assistance in design of planar microwave passives such as directional couplers, power combiners, hybrids, radial stubs, phase shifters, filters using a robust EM analysis.
We also have expertise for Waveguide components such as Waveguide Filters, Turnstile Junctions, Waveguide bends, Polarizers.
EM simulated performance of such structures is often found more closer to the reality. With precise EM modelling maturing your product in minimum iterations becomes feasible.

Active Microwave Circuits
Low Noise Amplifiers, Microwave Mixers, Multipliers, RF Switches and many more. The core expertise lies in the area of LNA and Mixers and their integration with antennas. We could also offer consultancy for MMIC development.


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